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Vision & Values:  

Sigma Theta Psi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was formed at San Jose State University by eighteen visionaries. These women strove to share their message of cultural diversity, respect, and compassion with other women. Through unity and sisterhood, our members continue to embrace diverse cultures and excel in their life ambitions. These eighteen visionaries set forth six values, or pillars, that every sister strives to embody. By upholding these values, we carry forth the vision of our founding mothers.


Thank you for visiting Sigma Theta Psi, Theta Chapter's website! We are a multicultural, academic, and social sorority located at Sacramento State University.  Theta Chapter was established on December 5th 2004. We invite you to take a glimpse into our sisterhood. 

Quick Facts:

  • Colors: Purple, Black, and Gold

  • Mascot: Black Panther

  • Flower: Orchid

  • Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Motto: "Only the Strong Survive"

  • Pillars: Honesty, Loyalty, Respect,
    Open-Mindedness, Leadership, Academic Excellence. 

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